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Grounding principals
Under aged applicants
Our use of Client’s data policy
Third party data
Marketing and Personal Data Usage

Grounding principals

Canada Central is bound by the GDPR guidelines, for both data protection and storage. may change its Privacy Policy, on occasion. This right may not be limited and is at the company’s sole discretion. If the Privacy Policy is changed, Canada Central will update any changes on this website. All updates made are in effect from the date they are posted on. If, and only if, the change effects the use of client’s personal data, Canada Central must comply with the requirements of relevant European and Canadian law. 

We recommend clients to periodically review this policy and keep themselves up to date on it.

Inquiries of our data usage can be directed to our legal team, at:

[email protected]

Under aged applicants

Applicants are required to be no younger than 17 years old at the time of registration, in order to fully comply with legal requirements, and allow for valid legal consent. For those under such age, a guardian or parent must provide written consent in order to complete the application and registration process. Minors without such legal consent, shall be rejected by Canada Central, as failing to meet our minimum standard of service.


Clients or users of Canada Central have accepted the use of our services and agreed to provide personal information as needed to Canada Central. By doing so, they are willingly entering the following:  

Providing only accurate and reliable information, as required by law. 

Permitting storage of said information on the company's secure cloud and server facilities. 

Agree to the utilization of this information and allow its transfer it to relevant third parties regarding the immigration process and other relevant services included in the client’s selected service bundle, in full compliance with the conditions of our privacy policy and governing law.

Our use of Client’s data policy

Canada Central may use applicant/client data for legal business goals, such as: 

  • Building case files and conducting legal assessments
  • Running market surveys and reviews relevant to the immigration program
  • A/B testing website and service
  • Handling any disputes.
  • Monetary collection of both fees and tolls and required and agreed upon during the sale & in accordance with case progression.
  • Troubleshooting of any kind.
  • Improvement of CanadaCentral's customer service and quality control.
  • The Delivery of any and all services or products purchased by the client, or legally required by their case file.
  • Providing clients with additional or promotional information regarding Canada Central and its products or services.
  • Any other legally applicable purpose that does not breach confidentiality, as defined in prevailing law.
  • All calls may be recorded for internal use only.

Applicant and client data

CanadaCentral may choose to share some client data with our business partners and third parties. This shall be provided withholding any identifying information, to assure client privacy is maintained.  

Applicants and Clients may request to be removed from Canada Central marketing emails and listings, by contacting us at: [email protected]

Canada Central routinely sends update or informational emails to our applicants and clients. Applicants and clients request to be removed from these, by contacting us at: [email protected]

Canada Central is not a storage service provider. The company will not delete any applicant / client details from our database unless reaching full termination of the services package. Canada Central shall have no other commitments with regard to data storage. 

Third party data

Canada Central may share applicant/client information with affiliates in order to advance the client service package and CanadaCentral's business targets.  Examples of such third parties are: 

Lawyers, RCICs, immigration experts, consultants, HR agents and agencies, and any third parties that may contribute to obtaining an immigration visa or relevant services;    

Government officials as required in compliance with legal requirements; 

Third parties providing services to Canada Central (accountants, legal advisers, payment processors or internal regulation services, etc.); 

Any business partner of Canada Central that can deliver additional services.

Marketing and Personal Data Usage

Canada Central analyses applicants’/clients’ personal information to best understand the relevant needs and offers available. Should applicants/clients agree to continue receiving marketing offers from of Canada Central, such offers shall be suggested using analyses of said provided information. 

Applicants and Clients may request to be removed from Canada Central’s marketing emails and listings, by contacting us at: [email protected]


“Cookie” policy

Canada Central implements “cookies’ as standard operating procedure. These “cookies” monitor applicant/client activity on our websites, in order to improve our websites and offer relevant. Third-party “cookies” may be permitted, at times, to allow for their service and/or product to be delivered to our applicants/clients. This may be avoided by setting internet browser preferences to a cookie rejection mode, but services may not function properly, so Canada Central does not recommend it.   

Period of data storage

Canada Central works with government programs and entities that may access to applicant/client data. Canada Central stores all data on secure cloud and servers, to be able to provide such services. According to GDPR regulations, unless otherwise instructed by the applicant/client in writing, all data shall be removed from Canada Central's systems within 7 years from its initial insertion, unless required for legal dealings.


Information access 

The option to delete personal information completely from the Canada Central systems exists, however this will hinder CanadaCentral's possibility to deliver on its obligations and may not be held against Canada Central as a cause of defaulting on services. Some data may be retained, subject to legal obligations.

Applicants/clients may request to correct any piece of information or request a copy of their stored data by contacting us at: [email protected]

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